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Trout Fishing On The Isle of Skye

Updated: Apr 15

Unfortunately the lack of rain at the moment has meant the river has been at summer low for weeks. The first decent rainfall since the end of March came a few day’s before the lockdown restrictions eased - which meant nobody could fish and the river was at a perfect height - sods law...

So this means Salmon fishing at the moment hasn’t been possible.

However, this is prime Trout fishing time on the Isle of Skye, hence why I offer clients loch fishing trips as well. You have to be prepared to fish where the conditions are at their best to get the sport.

Rainbow Trout Isle of Skye
A fantastic 4lbs Rainbow Trout caught from the Storr Lochs

The Trout are in top condition at this time of year, having wintered well and started to feed hard on Sticklebacks & Mayfly. This lovely specimen Rainbow Trout fell to a cruncher pattern and stripped my reel of its line twice - they really do fight hard.

Brown Trout Fly Fishing Isle of Skye
A wild Brown Trout taken on a dry fly

The Mayfly hatch has looked great this year, with large numbers hatching during the warm weather we’ve had. This is unique in this part of Scotland and it’s one of the reasons the wild Brown Trout in the Lochs are known to be of good quality.

Brown Trout Fishing Isle of Skye
As wild as they come, a fine Loch Leathan Brown Trout

The eyes are now starting to look towards the Salmon & Sea Trout fishing, which usually kicks off around this time of year. However we desperately need some proper “Skye rain” to encourage fresh fish into the river though. Time to put my well rehearsed rain dance into practice...

But until the rain comes, I will continue to enjoy the best of the Trout fishing which is truly fantastic at the moment.

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