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Trout Fishing On The Isle of Skye

With over 30,000 fresh water Lochs, Scotland is world famous for its wild Brown Trout fishing.

The Isle of Skye offers possibly some of the finest Trout fishing in Scotland if you know where to go and all in fantastic surroundings.

Storr Lochs
The Storr Lochs, with the Old Man of Storr in the background

The most successful tactics are to fish what is known as "traditional Loch style". This style of fishing is done from a boat drifting with the wind in and out of the bays, always covering new water whilst searching for feeding Trout.

The skill is to keep the boat moving, using the wind in a certain way to ensure you're fishing in the right areas.

Usually a team of flies is used (2 or 3 flies depending on the set up), with different patterns successful at different times of the year. The patterns include nymphs, wet flies and at the right time of year, dry flies.

The ideal conditions are when it is overcast, with a light wind and not too warm or cold.

Fishing can also be done from the bank, which is a great way to include some walking into your day.

Skye's climate can be unpredictable at times and the weather can change quickly, expect four seasons in one day.

Here is a suggested list of essential items to bring for your day.

1: A midge net.

2: Sun cream.

3: Appropriate clothing for all weathers like waterproofs and warm jumpers.

4: Wellies

5: Sunglasses

6: Snacks and water

7: Hat

Brown Trout Fishing Isle of Skye
As wild as they come, a fine Loch Leathan Brown Trout

The season for Brown Trout starts on the 15th of March and is open until the 30th of September. The Rainbow Trout season also starts at the same time though it has an extended fishing period until the 30th of November (on Loch Leathan only).

The best of the Trout fishing is during the months of April to June and then during August to September.

All fishing is by fly only and please note that there is no fishing on a Sunday.

For any booking enquiries, please fill out the contact form on the homepage and I’ll be in touch.

Tight lines.

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