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Salmon Fishing On The Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye's main Salmon river is the famous river Snizort, which flows from Loch Duagrich in the Struan hills to the estuary at the Skeabost hotel.

The Skeabost Hotel are the rivers owners and I work as the permanent Ghillie on the river.

The river Snizort is around 8 miles long and it has various points at which Salmon stop along the way as a spate recedes after heavy rainfall. The Snizort is a typical Highland spate river and it is completely dependant on rainfall to create the right fishing conditions.

Although the season begins on February 11th, the Salmon and Sea Trout usually arrive around mid June and the end of the season is on the 15th October.

Salmon fishing Isle of Skye
Local angler and PAA Chairman Ian Stewart with a fine hen Salmon from beat 6

There are 12 beats along the length of the river and each section has its own unique characteristics.

From the long gliding corners in the middle section, to the remote walk in required on the top stretches, it really does have some truly fantastic fly water.

The river is not wide and it can be covered easily with a 9ft or 10ft single handed rod. If there is a good spate and perhaps a bit windy, an 11ft or 12ft small double handed or switch rod would suffice.

Salmon fishing Isle of Skye
Robert’s fish from beat 12 which fell to a monkey pattern

Wading is generally not needed on the river, though there are a couple of areas where wading can help you improve the position and the angle of your cast to cover certain "lies" properly.

Wading can be dangerous, only wade where you know it is safe and if you require assistance I can show you the correct wading lines. I would always advise the use of a wading stick and or buoyancy aid.

Salmon fishing Isle of Skye
Myself with a lovely sea liced Salmon from beat 4

Here is some other important information on the fishery to be aware of:

1: There is a 100% catch and release policy for all species.

2: It is by fly fishing only.

3: No treble hooks to be used (only double or single hook sets).

4: Fishing beats are allocated by myself and anglers should adhere to the rotations.

5: If sharing a beat, the correct etiquette is to take a step down-stream after each cast.

6: Please note the there is no fishing on a Sunday.

River Snizort
Beat 4 facing towards the Skeabost cemetery

The peak is from August through until the end of the season in October, so you may have to consider booking in advance for this time period to ensure you get the days you would like.

For clients that book me as their guide for Salmon fishing in advance:

Given the nature of a spate river being water dependant, if the conditions do not suit on the day that we are due to fish generally I would offer you the option of fishing on the Lochs as an alternative. This way we can still fish regardless of a low water height on the river.

For all booking enquires or if you have any questions, then please contact me for more information.

Tight Lines.

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