• Danny Docherty

Pollock Fishing At Neist Point

The Trout & Salmon season may be over, though that doesn't mean that the fishing has to completely stop.

I live about 2 miles from one of the best sea fishing spots in the UK, Neist Point. Even though it can be cold and wet at this time of year, the Pollock fishing can still be very good - if you get a window of opportunity in between the gales!

Quick Jigging Session

So, I decided to take advantage of a decent day weather wise and do a spot of jigging off the rocks for a change. This is an area that I take clients, though I don't really get to fish it myself very often. The fishing was pretty good for this time of year, we managed about 10 Pollock around 4lbs - 5lbs mark. There was good sport from the Coalies as well - we must have caught about 20 each!

Looking forward to getting back down to Neist again soon, but I'll have a bit of a break over Christmas and New Year.

PS: On the subject of the New Year, I've just purchased new sea rods for clients to use next season - Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite's. Very good spinning rods and ideal for Pollock...


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