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It looks like after nearly 8 weeks of no fishing, we could be back in business at the end of May, beginning of June.

The Scottish government announcement this week has been a welcome update, one which anglers have been looking forward to in what has been a challenging and uncertain time for everyone.

Salmon & Sea Trout will be starting to stack up at the mouth of the Snizort, ready to shift upstream at the first sign of rain.

The Lochs will be in full swing and the Mayfly hatch on the Storr won’t be missed entirely this year.

I can’t deny that I’m itching to get out....

Salmon smolt
Smolt - Picture by “Below the Skye Line” photography

Hopefully the next generation of Salmon (like the one pictured), will have made it safely through the gauntlet that awaits them as they make their way out to sea.

The smolt tracking didn’t take place on the river this year as planned and neither did any net sweeping of the estuaries. So nature has been left to fend off the man made problems that also await them...

Local angling is to resume first and hopefully I’ll get to see some visiting anglers later in the year once travel has resumed, from a safe social diatance

of course...

Until then stay safe and tight lines when it starts.

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